Hurricne Season is at it's height - Important Information for Guests in Barbados
As we all know Hurricane activity in the Caribbean has increased with the Northern most Caribbean islands being affected the worst in the past few years.

The most recent being a Category 5 named Dorian which destroyed Abaco island in the Bahamas and to a much lesser extent on Grand Bahama. Thankfully Barbados has continued to be spared due to our location in the island chain, but we wanted to set out a few points that you should advise your clients on, particularly for the Hurricane season, which typically runs from June to November inclusive.

Guests should be encouraged to take out travel insurance generally but during the hurricane season, this should include coverage for catastrophic events

In the event of a hurricane, we will try to inform all guests 72 hours ahead of the system provided we are aware of this that early on. Guests can then make their decision as to whether they will stay on the island or make arrangements to evacuate

We will be unable to move guests to alternate accommodation. They would either make the decision to leave the island while that is still an option, stay at the villa they rented, or move to one of the shelters available. If in a mandatory evacuation zone, they will need to visit a shelter. Obviously they would be sharing the space there with many people.

Compensation on the rental would not be given as this would be an event caused by nature, an act of God and out of the control of everyone. Should an owner decide to offer some form of compensation as an act of goodwill that would be completely at his/her discretion

Compensation will not be given for electricity or water outages as again, this would be beyond the control of the management company and the owner

Guests choosing to stay at the rental property will be provided with flash lights, batteries, battery operated radio and a first aid kit. They will be told they should go to the supermarket to purchase non-perishable items, drinking water and any specialty items they made need such as formula for babies, diapers, medications for themselves (there will not be time for staff to do shopping on behalf of the guests at this time). In our Informational Book at each Villa there is a section on Hurricanes including emergency numbers, explanations for the various watches/warnings and tips on what to do and items they should purchase and items to keep safe such as passports.

Staff will place pool furniture in the pool, remove umbrellas, chairs, patio furniture from outside and store indoors, bathtubs and washing machines will be filled with water in case of outages. They will then leave to go to their own homes to make preparations. Staff will not be available to stay with guests during the storm/hurricane and will not come back to work until the All Clear is issued by the local Government in conjunction with the Met office. Even after the all clear is given, some staff who live in low lying areas my not be able to get to work because the roads in their neighbourhood may be flooded. Delays are to be expected and some staff may not be able to make it to work that day

Every effort will be made to supply service as soon as possible after the weather system has passed