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We could go on and on about Jamaica and the uniqueness of the Villa Vacation, but we think it is better to experience it for yourself. However, we do want to provide you with answers to some of the most common questions we hear. This is a short info-sheet with those answers.
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Travel Documents:    
Tourism is Jamaica's leading industry, so reserve your flights and accommodations early. Your destination airport will most likely be Montego Bay (MBJ). Air Jamaica, Air Canada, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, British Air, Northwest & USAir all fly to Montego Bay. Several charters operate from the East Coast, the Midwest, Canada and Europe as well.

Proof of citizenship will be required in the form of one of the following:
As of January 23, 2007, American residents traveling by air between the United States and Jamaica or any other Caribbean destination will be required to present one of the following documents:
  • Valid Passport
  • Air NEXUS Card
  • U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Document
  • Alien Registration Card, Form I-551
For further information visit the US Department of State Travel Website.

Take our advice....Get a Passport.
  • A valid passport
  • A 'Statement of Live Birth' certificate AND a valid government-issued photo I.D.
Check with Canadian authorities for the most current information. Canadian Passport FAQ
  • A valid passport

For any questions call the Jamaica Tourist Board. They will be happy to assist.
USA:1 (800) 233-4582
Canada:1 (800) 465-2624
United Kingdom:(44) 207-224-0505
E-Mail info@visitjamaica.com
Current is essentially the same as US: 110 volts/50 cycles (US is 60 cycles). Converters are not needed for US-made appliances.
We recommend that you purchase Calling Cards locally to expedite overseas calls. One of your staff can usually sell you a starter card and, at your request, will purchase more for you in various denominations. Jamaica Telephone may not accept credit cards and other prepaid phone cards.
The Area Code for Jamaica is: 876
Many, but not all, villas now offer high speed wireless internet. Bring your WiFi enabled laptop along. For information on availability in a specific villa, just ask us.
There are a several ways to connect to the Internet in Jamaica. There are Internet Cafes in the larger towns, of course. You can purchase a "card" with minutes and free call phone numbers that you can use with your laptop's modem. Or you can e-mail email InfoChan.com or call (876) 978-2960. Fax (876) 927-8086 or (876) 978-2966. They will then fax you an application to establish temporary Internet access while you are in Jamaica and advise you of the subscription and daily fee (which are quite low and can be charged to a credit card). Connection will be made on an agreed-upon date. You can also contact them locally while you are in Jamaica. Take an extension cord, surge protector and phone splitter with you to the island.
Remember. Most villas have only one phone line.
If you have spoken with us on the phone, you have probably heard about our driver, M.C. He is JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travelers Association) affiliated and therefore carries insurance of US $2 million as well as being reliable, punctual, amiable and affordable. We highly recommend M.C. and his drivers. In fact it is well worth hiring M.C. rather than renting your own car or bus. M.C. is exceptional. Click Here For M.C. Information.
Yes, it is another gorgeous day in paradise! Jamaica enjoys typical Caribbean weather. That means in the 80's to 90's (27 - 33 celcius) during the day and "plummeting" to the mid 70's (mid 20's celcius) at night. There is only a 10 degree difference between the winter months and summer months. You might want a light sweater for evenings if you go during the winter months. You are more likely to get some tropical showers during May/June & Sept/Oct than in other months.
Jamaica is very casual. Save your dressy clothes and your ties at home, and expensive jewelry is not appropriate.
Do take mosquito repellant & sun screen and use them!
Ackee, Callaloo, Bami, Salt Fish, Jerk Chicken or Pork, Escovich Fish, Spiny Lobster, Soursop, Sugar Cane, Otaheite Apple, Bananas in your backyard, Curried Goat, Breadfruit, Scotch Bonnet, the Sweetest Oranges you will ever find, Patties for a quick snack, Plantain, Coconut, Pumpkin Soup, Conch, Guava, Papaya, Blue Marlin, Rice & Peas ..... We could go on.
Be adventurous and give real Jamaican cooking a try. It is what your cook does best. Try the world renowned Jamaican Red Stripe beer, and have the cook make a pitcher of Rum Punch. Jamaican Rum can be found with up to 63% alcohol content so be careful.
It is safe to drink the tap water almost anywhere in Jamaica. In fact, it is very good water. Remember to hydrate! Filtered, bottled water is also available everywhere.
US $ are accepted almost everywhere. Most stores including grocery stores and other shops in tourist areas accept credit cards. Staff tips are usually paid cash in Jamaican currency, but US dollars are accepted as well. Check today's rate now
It is easier to tell you what is NOT included in your Villa Vacation. Otherwise pretty much all else is included. Your maid will do your laundry for you for a small tip. You can arrange for baby sitting for a small fee as well. Your staff is ready to help you with anything...Just Ask.


All information on this page is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.