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The front door at Villa Marrakesh opens into a spacious living area, which in turn has sliding doors opening onto the pool deck. Inside the front door to the right is a large professionally designed and fully equipped kitchen. To the left is a library area, and also a computer desk, for the use of the guests, which is connected to high speed internet, as well as a fax machine.
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The 2 upper bedrooms flank the living area, which has comfortable couches and a state-of-the-art entertainment center. The stereo system in the house can be switched to play outdoors while you enjoy the water and the sunshine. The main floor of Villa Marrakesh has 2 bedrooms with king-sized beds, plus a 3rd bedroom which has a queen-sized bed. There is a full bathroom with shower off of the living area.
The main living area has a library, desk with computer and fax, dining table, seating area, and plasma TV with surround sound speakers and stereo system. Also there are 2 A/C units to keep it cool. The gourmet kitchen has a professional stove, an honor bar and wine refrigerator, and is fully equipped with appliances (including a dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and citrus juicer) and dishware.

• Commercial 5 gas stove  • Jura-Capresso Impressa S9  • Fully automatic coffee & espresso center  • Automatic Dish washer  • Convection oven.  • Professional cutting knives  • Professional blender  • Citrus juicer  • Microwave  • Four slice T-Fal deluxe toaster  • Cuisinart 14 cup professional food processor

Full supply of dishes, cutlery (including steak knives) and glasses. The glass selection includes wine, margarita & martini glasses. Also decanters and shakers.
Pots & pans of professional grade including a pressure cooker and a pot large enough for lobster